باغ غزلهای عاشقانه
اشعار عاشقانه ی ادبیات کهن فارسی ( Persian Love Poetry )



 Ho! O Saki, pass around and offer the bowl:

For love at first appeared easy, but difficulties have occurred.


By reason of the perfume of the musk-pod, that, at the end, the breeze displayeth from

that fore-lock,

From the twist of its musky curl, what blood befell the hearts!


In the stage of the Beloved, mine what ease and pleasure, when momently,

The beil giveth voice, saying: “Bind ye up the chattels of existence!"


With wine, becolor the pra yer-mat if the Pir of the Magians bid thee;

For of the way and usage of the stages not without knowledge is the holy traveler.


The dark night, and the fear of the wave, and the whirlpool so fearful.

The light-burdened ones of the shore, how know they our state?


By following my own fancy, me to ill fame all my work brought:

Secret, how remaineth that great mystery whereof assemblies speak?


Hafez! if thou desire the presence from Him be not absent:

When thou visitest thy Beloved, abandon the world; and let it go.

Ghazal of Hafiz Shirazi

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